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King Springs Ranch is located in some pretty rough country just north of The Rio Grande with rocky hills, canyons and brushy draws. Because of the terrain, it takes a pretty tough kind of horse that knows how to get around in the rocks and brush faster than the cattle he's chasing, without hurting himself or the rider.

All of our mares are bred in the pasture and they raise their colts in the pasture. We are currently using a 9 year old AQHA roan stallion named Star Cooksey. He is a great-grandson of Two Eyed Jack on top and Mighty Tex on bottom. Our broodmares include the bloodlines of King P234 and Leo. The colts are weaned when they are six months old and this is when we start playing with them and getting them gentle. We start riding the colts a little when they are coming 2 year olds, but we don't start roping on them much or pushing them really hard until they are 3 year olds.

We have several horses in the remuda and we usually have a green horse or two to work with. We take our time through the process of gentling and training horses because patience always works better than harshness when dealing with any animal. I heard somewhere that the best way to deal with a horse is just try to be a good representative of the human race. After all, it's a wonder that a horse even lets a human being near him because you can bet that the first humans who saw a horse didn't rub him and brush him and saddle him up for a ride...they killed him and ate him.

We spend alot of time on the ground with the young horses because that's where building trust starts. Without trust there can be no good relationship whether it be with a human or an animal and showing your horse that he can trust you is the first step in a good relationship for years to come. I suppose the term for this method of training is Natural Horsemanship, but we've always called it "messin' with the horses". If Natural horsemanship means making friends with your horse, proving to your horse that you are the leader and keeping it fun for both horse and rider, then we're all for it.

We put alot of slow miles on the green horses while checking waters, fences, and generally covering the country tending to things. After we get the colts handling pretty well we start trailing cattle with them. We start using them in the pens and roping a little on them just as soon as they catch on. While we are working with the horse we can usually tell what kind of disposition he has and whether he has the athletic ability to work cattle or perform well in contest events. Those that do show promise are ridden and worked until livestock work becomes second nature. We usually have one or two green broke horses for sale, and occasionally we sell a horse that's "plumb gentle". We also take outside horses for breaking and training so give us a call if you have one that needs some miles.

Round-Up Time

Our spring round-up is in May to coincide with Memorial Day and our fall round-up is in September to coincide with Labor Day. We allow guests who have their own horses to saddle up and make a hand when we work cattle. If you would like to participate in a sho-nuff Texas cattle round-up you're more than welcome. The works take about four days and the cost is $500 per person with meals and lodging provided. All cowboys and cowgirls must furnish their own horses and tack and we will supply oats and hay for your horses and meals for you. BYOB and BYO guitar too because we've been known to pick and grin a little. There are ten miles of dirt road between the highway and headquarters and most of it is pretty rough so no foreign cars are allowed. Except maybe for old Toyotas with a whole lot of clearance.

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King Springs Ranch
P.O. Box "B"
Ft. Stockton, TX 79735
Mobile/voicemail: (432)557-0105

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